Silver Horn Media is based in Frisco, Texas, approximately 25 minutes from DFW Airport and 30 minutes from downtown Dallas. Established in 2003, the company provides the following primary services:

On-camera performance coaching and consultation

Silver Horn Media provides master coaching for on-camera talent. What is performance coaching? It is the ability to step in front of a camera or live audience and connect with authentic delivery. It begins by understanding and mastering the 5 performance pillars: Visual image, voice, body language, editorially connected delivery and authentic personality. Our training services extend deep into content development by providing training for anchors, reporters, producers and camera operators. We focus on strong writing as the foundation for all communication. In addition we work with your team members to coach leadership, responsibility and a focus on team development.

Live & packaged program development and production

Evolving from our talent-coaching core, we provide creative development and production training for producers. We believe that talent depends on visionary producers and producers rely on a team of technical experts to support that creative vision. Imagine the ‘talent’ as the limbs and leaves of a tree, the producer as the trunk and the production as the roots below the surface. Without a systematic plan to address, nurture and coach all three areas, the program will face difficulty surviving for any length of time. Our expertise extends beyond the surface and results in outstanding content and connected performers working in an innovative, technically advanced environment.

Documentary, feature, and digital content development

Creative development of editorial content, writing and production for documentary, digital web content and feature storytelling. Our first love is the award-winning features and docs we’ve created for decades. Our most recent work is coaching editorial and storytelling techniques for a new generation. Digital content requires shorter content using the latest shooting techniques and equipment to reach sophisticated audiences. A focus on the visual image, sound, its capture, archiving, writing and editing into art, is perhaps the most powerful realization of Leonardo’s ‘Sensazione‘, using the 5 senses to access your genius.