Business Presentation Coaching & Consultation

Something is coming between us, and it’s hurting our relationship!  In business, that something is the camera, a device that is suddenly indispensable as a communication tool.  Mr. Martinez helps CEO’s, executive teams and all professionals deliver powerfully, present authentically and message accurately to win in the virtual meeting space.  Areas of essential need exist in sales, onboarding, healthcare and law.

We focus on four key ideas:


Get Connected!

How to set up your virtual office to connect to the world outside!


Get Great On Camera!

Learn how to connect on camera and master the performance pillars of human communication.


Get Your Story Straight!

Develop a brand that is unique and memorable, authentic, consistent and focused on your strengths.  In addition, learn what your customer wants to help you deliver what they need!


The Write Stuff To Be Memorable!

Learn how to craft your story from start to finish, using visuals, video and powerful writing. Use your emotional intelligence to be memorable.

Get Great On Camera!