You’ve heard it before the eyes are… the window to your soul

Well that window is opening wide for all of us who communicate on video.    

New research studied reaction to eye contact in various situations and found that looking directly at the camera can produce a similar response to face to face moments of clarity. 

We experience this response all the time in our face to face conversations…

Who can forget that look in our mom’s eyes when we messed up!  That glare hurt a lot more than any punishment.

The study reveals what I know from experience:  You don’t have to be face to face for a person to get your vibe. 

We just have to understand how the mind powers eye contact on camera.

The mental shift is the perception that you are looking at each other on camera.   Or if delivering alone, convincing yourself that you really are speaking to one person you care about!

The physical adjustment is knowing where to look – and keeping a focus on your clients eyes.   In our coaching we work together on this important technique.

I’m Tony Martinez helping you use your eye contact to get great on camera!